What is static keyword?

The static keyword in java is used for memory management mainly. We can apply java static keyword with variables, methods, blocks and nested class. 

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Disadvantages of using scriptlet?

Disadvantages of using scriptlet: Disadvantage Overhead. Both JSP scriptlet and JSTL code are translated to a Java servlet for execution. Disadvantage: Not as Extensive as JSP...

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What is a Spring “stereotype”?

The following stereotype annotations in 2.5 can be used in a Spring MVC application as an alternative to wiring the beans in XML:@Repository - for DAO beans - allows you to throw DataAccessException...

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When to use LinkedList over ArrayList?

LinkedList is fast for adding and deleting elements, but slow to access a specific element. ArrayList is fast for accessing a specific element but can be slow to add to either end, and especially...

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Avoiding != null statements

The most used idiom (code snippet) I’m programming in Java, is to test if an object != null before I use it. This is to avoid a NullPointerException. I find the code very ugly and it becomes...

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how to Avoid Deadlock with an example

Deadlock is a permanent blocking of a set of threads that are competing for a set of resources. Just because some thread can make progress does not mean that there is not a deadlock somewhere...

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