When does a session actually start?

A session starts when a visitor requests your site for the first time. A new session commences when the request lacks any SessionID or the sessionID references a session that has expired. The...

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explain the usage of Global.asax

global.asax allows you to write code that runs in response to "system level" events, such as the application starting, a session ending, an application error occurs, without having to try and...

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How to Create a Cookie?

Cookie are one of several ways to store data about web site visitors during the time when web server and browser are not connected. Common use of cookies is to remember users between visits....

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How do you end a user session?

Session.Abandon();If you want to remove a specific item from the session use (MSDN):Session.Remove("YourItem");EDIT: If you just want to clear a value you can do:Session["YourItem"] = null;If you...

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What is a Master Page?

Master Page is a page that contains markup and controls that should be shared across multiple pages in your site. For example, if all of your pages should have the same header and footer banners or...

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