IDE is nothing but Integrated Development Environment. IDE is a tool that provides user interface with compilers to create, compile and execute C programs. Example: Turbo C++, Borland C++ and DevC++. These provide Integrated Development Environment with compiler for both C and C++ programming language.

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What is protected access modifier?

The protected access modifier is accessible within package and outside the package but through inheritance only. The protected access modifier can be applied on the data member, method and constructor. It can't be applied on the class.

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what is notinheritable in vb.net

Since static classes in C# are sealed classes that can't be instantiated, the closest thing to an equivalent class in VB.NET is a NotInheritable class with all Shared methods and properties, with a private default instance constructor so the class cannot be instantiated.

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What is the use of enumerated data type?

An enumerated data type is another user defined type which provides a way for attaching names to numbers thereby increasing comprehensibility of the code. The enum keyword automatically enumerates a list of words by assigning them values 0,1,2, and so on.

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Define destuctors?

A destructor is called for a class object when that object passes out of scope or is explicitly deleted. A destructors as the name implies is used to destroy the objects that have been created by a constructors. Like a constructor , the destructor is a member function whose name is the same as the class name but is precided by a tilde.

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What is the Service Model in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, andservices) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or serviceprovider interaction

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How to format text using printf() method in java ?

printf method in java: Print() and println() methods are used to print text and object values or format data.In order to format text we also have printf() method in java.For example when print float or double value if we want to specify upto 2 decimal numbers we user. System.out.printf("%.2f", variable);

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What are the salient features of c languages?

The following are the salient features of C language are : C is called a middle level language C supports structured design approach C is extensible C is rich in data types and operators C is portable

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How to synchronise two vobs?

If the Vob is already replicated (meaning with ClearCase multisite), then it mostly is a matter of running multitool syncreplica: host1: multitool syncreplica -export -fship replica:@\aPVob host2: cd /opt/rational/clearcase/shipping/ms_ship/incoming sudo -u vobadm /opt/rational/clearcase/bin/multitool syncreplica -import /opt/rational/clearcase/shipping/ms_ship/incoming/sync_*_2015-07-16T07*

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What is control flow function?

Alternatively referred to as flow of control, control flow (when referring to computer programming) is the order function calls, instructions, and statements are executed or evaluated when a program is running. Many programming languages have what are called control flow statements; used to determine what section of code is run in a program at a given time.

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What is Oracle table?

A table is the basic unit of data storage in an Oracle database. The tables of a database hold all of the user accessible data. Table data is stored in rows and columns.

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What is difference between static (class) method and instance method?

Methods and variables that are not declared as static are known as instance methods and instance variables. To refer to instance methods and variables, you must instantiate the class first means you should create an object of that class first.For static you don't need to instantiate the class u can access the methods and variables ... . for non-static method you must instantiate the class. Person person1 = new Person(); //instantiating person1.nonStaticMethod(); //accessing non-static method.

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Compare between Servlet and JSP?

Servlet: A servlet is a server-side program and written purely on Java.Servlets run faster than JSP. It executes inside a Web server, such as Tomcat Receives HTTP requests from users and provides HTTP responses Servlet has the life cycle methods init(), service() and destroy() JSP: JSP is an interface on top of Servlets. In ... cycle will be same as of servlet. But, JSP has it's own API for the lifecycle. JSP has the life cycle methods of jspInit(), _jspService() and jspDestroy()

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Describe Android application Architecture?

Android Application Architecture has the following components: Services like Network Operation Intent - To perform inter-communication between activities or servicesResource Externalization - such as strings and graphics Notification signaling users - light, sound, icon, notification, dialog etc. Content Providers - They share data between applications

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